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Greenheck has added three-phase motors to its line of energy efficient Vari-Green electronically commutated (EC) motors. The new three-phase motors accept 208-230V and 460V power supply and are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 10 hp. Typical turndown is factory-set at 75% and speed can be controlled via an onboard dial or a 0-10 VDC control signal.




With the compact planetary servo gearmotors of the PS.F.. and PS.C..CMP.. series, SEW-EURODRIVE offers you precision, optimum scalability and the right torques at all times. This allows complex production processes to be implemented.




AutomationDirect has added more farm duty and open drip-proof motors to its extensive general- purpose AC induction motors lineup. New IronHorse MTF2 series farm duty motors, priced from $359.00, are totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) single-phase 208-230V, 1800 RPM AC motors with increased horsepower ranges from 2hp to 10hp.




B&R is now equipping all standard motors with a safe encoder mount. They can therefore now be used for safety applications without restrictions. A special safety motor is no longer necessary. The delivery times and prices of the standard motors remain the same. Safety applications can be implemented in less time and at lower cost.





ABB’s AXR 5000 and 5800 motors offer more HP (horse power) per pound than conventional TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors but with a smaller frame size in some power ratings. This helps save space, up to 8 inches in overall length in some cases, which enables more compact installations on oil platforms and in refineries.



ABB offers a wide range of low voltage IEC motors, from classical induction motors that provide high efficiency levels to synchronous technology that exceeds conventional efficiency requirements. Meeting water specifications means that public and private utilities and OEM's can confidently specify a motor for any pump, compressor or fan application that is used in the water and waste water sector.





The Danfoss Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM) is a breakthrough in technological innovation and engineering. The heart of the new technology is an integrated shift valve. When used in a fan drive application, triggers a series of cost-saving and efficiency-boosting advances.



Printers and other industrial operators can improve their energy efficiency and reduce machine complexity with a new fanless version of the Allen-Bradley Kinetix VPC continuous-duty servo motor from Rockwell Automation. The new motor uses the same interior permanent magnet technology as the original fan version to help operators achieve better performance and higher energy efficiencies.





Powerful 24 V DC motor with two worm gears and a planetary gear. High reduction ratio makes precise control and position setting possible.





As the mining business adapts to changing technological trends in the market, Epiroc’s Canadian operations have introduced Regional Application Center (RAC) teams to assist in this new digital transformation.

Team of experts that supports digital transformation

Across the board, mining projects are continually pushing for increased production while prioritizing safety. With this in mind, Epiroc has assembled specialized automation and digitalization support systems in strategic locations across the globe to help improve customer processes and boost productivity. The result is a heightened level of production that keeps workers out of danger zones on site while providing enhanced strategic direction for customers. Interoperability improvements have reduced variability and allow project planners to move towards their targets with renewed confidence. 

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