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Bosch Rexroth’s development work has taken the hydraulic linear drive to a whole new level. The evolutionary CytroForce concept manages to squeeze previously bulky structures into a smart compact axis for power, movement and positioning tasks.





With the new size 355, SEW-EURODRIVE's three-phase motors of the DRN series meet the efficiency requirements IE3 up to 375 kW. This means that you can operate your system worldwide even at high power levels.





Introducing the premium efficiency of the IEC Tru-Metric W22 NEMA motors from Weg, with three-phase 2, 4, 6, and 8 poles in 60Hz and 50Hz versions, and coming in a voltage range of 460//220-240/380-415V, ranging in 63-100L frames.





Nidec Motor Corporation has introduced the ID300 Fusion Integrated Motor Drive that features U.S. MOTORS brand 3-10HP UL-certified induction motors and customizable variable speed drives. 




As a leading manufacturer of drive technology, we also supply mechanical variable-speed gearmotors. For both series, VARIBLOC®and VARIMOT®, you can easily infinitely adjust the speed mechanically using a handwheel or remote control.





The Optim VH line of low voltage motors is a series of NEMA Standard 3-phase motors from Teco Westinghouse, featuring a vertical hollow shaft with high thrust that comes in 60Hz, 230/460V, 460V or 575V.




The Single Phase ODP motor is designed for applications requiring high starting torque. Some standard features such as bi-directional rotation, starting capacitors and automatic overload protection provides for diverse applications. From Agriculture to HVAC and Compressors this feature-packed machine has you covered.





Lafert presents the HPS Series of permanent magnet motors for automated equipment applications where induction motor performance falls short of the mark, or servo motor cost and complexity is impractical.





Force Control Industries will feature their MagnaShear maintenance-free, no-adjustment brake that virtually eliminates motor brake downtime. The MagnaShear motor brake employs oil shear technology, providing longer service life in demanding applications like the frequent start/stop cycles seen on cranes, hoists, winches and other equipment.




NMI HV (high voltage) modular induction motors are based on a cost-efficient standardized platform that is configured to order. They are an energy efficient, reliable choice for applications where a highly customized motor is not needed.




Allied Motor MaintenanceSmall motors – both AC and DC – serve as critical points in industrial operations. They may be integral to automation and equipment control and serve multiple purposes to mechanically drive and actuate systems and equipment, but are often replaced rather than repaired or reconditioned.

Larger motors may be repaired, rewound, and sent into a motor rewind pool.  However, many motors will simply be replaced when imminent signs of failure are detected using smart equipment, instrumentation, and tools discussed below.



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