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DCS-24-Weg-IECTruMaticW22NEMA-400.jpgApril 20, 2021

Introducing the premium efficiency of the IEC Tru-Metric W22 NEMA motors from Weg, with three-phase 2, 4, 6, and 8 poles in 60Hz and 50Hz versions, and coming in a voltage range of 460//220-240/380-415V, ranging in 63-100L frames.

Standard Features

  •    -   460//380-415V (frames 112M to 355M/L)
  •    -   Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminum die cast
  •    -   V’Ring seal for frames 63 to 200L and WSeal® for frames 225S/M to 355M/L
  •    -   Ball bearings are supplied as standard
  •    -   1040/45 heat treated and stress relieved carbon steel shaft (4140 for 404/5T upwards in 4, 6 and 8 pole motors)
  •    -   Class “F” (DT 80K) insulation for all frames
  •    -   Continuous flow insulation system with class “H” wire
  •    -   Temperature rise limited to Class “B” (80K)
  •    -   Design “N”
  •    -   Continuous duty (S1)
  •    -   104°F (40°C) ambient temperature
  •    -   Altitude: 3300 ft (1000m)
  •    -   Metric threaded cable entries on the terminal box
  •    -   Stainless steel nameplate AISI 316 with laser etching
  •    -   Paint: Synthetic enamel alkyd resin base (240 hours minimum ASTM B117 salt spray test)
  •    -   Color: RAL 5009 - Blue
  •    -   Fitted with closed rubber drain plug
  •    -   Regreasable bearings, with grease fittings in DE and NDE bearings
  •    -   Gasketed conduit box
  •    -   Suitable for inverter applications

Suitable for Inverter Duty Applications
 Optional Available

  •    -   Flanges
  •    -   Class ‘H’ insulation
  •    -   Taconite labyrinth seal
  •    -   Cable glands
  •    -   Space heaters
  •    -   Double shaft end
  •    -   Thermistors, Thermostats or RTD’s (PT100)
  •    -   Drip cover (canopy) for shaft down applications
  •    -   Auxiliary terminal box
  •    -   Special painting plans for hostile evironments
  •    -   Roller bearings on drive end
  •    -   Special bearings
  •    -   Terminal blocks



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