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July 25, 2019

Quattro power due to four-planet system. Helical gearing. Highest torsional and tilting stiffness. Backlash up to ≤3 arcmin. Flange output shaft. Synchronous servo motor EZ. Extremely compact. Highest power per unit volume. Large torque. High dynamic.


Shaft Designs

Flange shaft

Bearing Design

Pretensioned angular contact bearings at the output in an O-arrangement, ideally suited for helical geared rack and pinion drive.

Mounting Positions

- Any mounting position.

Lubricants and Maintenance

- Standard: Mobilgear 600XP220
- Food Grade: Mobil SHC CIBUS 220
- Synthetic: Mobil SHC 630
- Lubricated for life
- No maintenance

Paint Finish

- Housing and connector black RAL 9005
- Motor cover b-side magenta RAL 4010

Servo Motor EZ

- Extremely compact 
- Highest power per unit volume 
- Large torque
- High dynamic

External Fan

- According to DIN EN 60034-6, IC416
- To increase torque and continuous performance.
- In case of higher surrounding temperatures.
- Also available as a retrofit kit.

Motor Brake

Optionally the motor b-side can be equipped with a permanent magnet holding brake.


Absolute value encoder EnDat® 2.1 or EnDat® 2.2
- Optical or inductive measuring principle
- High system accuracy with up to 23 bits resolution 
- Up to 4096 recordable resolutions in multiturn version
- Electronic nameplate ensures fast and easy commissioning
- Additional information transferred with the position value (EnDat® 2.2)
- Compatible with STOBER drive controllers and drive controllers of many third-party manufacturers

- High temperature resistance
- High vibration strength and shock resistance

Power and Encoder Interface

- Rotating plug connectors with quick lock.
- Option: Supplied with mating connectors.

Encoder One Cable Solution (OCS)

HIPERFACE DSL One Cable Solution (OCS)
- Significantly reduced wiring effort by eliminating the encoder cable
- Significantly reduced space requirements by eliminating the encoder plug connector
- High system accuracy with up to 20 bits resolution 
- Up to 4096 recordable resolutions in multiturn version
- Electronic nameplate ensures fast and easy commissioning
- Additional information transferred with the position value

Power and Encoder Interface One Cable Solution (OCS)

- Rotating plug connector with quick lock (connection lines between the encoder and drive controller are routed along in the motor's power cable).
- Option: Supplied with mating connector.

Winding Protection

PTC thermistors are installed in STOBER synchronous servo motors as a configuration feature to implement thermal winding protection. This makes it possible for the motor to exceed the maximum permitted winding temperature with the appropriate devices turned off.

Drive Controller Recommendation

- POSIDRIVE MDS 5000 with power range 0.75 to 45 kW
- POSIDYN SDS 5000 with power range 0.75 to 45 kW
- SD6 with power range 0.75 kW to 45 kW
- SI6 with power range 0.75 kW to 25.9 kW



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