January 19, 2021

EBI is an authorized electric motor distributor of many brands of motors. Their inside sales team and representatives will help you choose the electric motor that matches your need and application. Their specialist will help you maximise the performance of your application with the right electrical motor. Among different brands, EBI is a distributor of WEG and Techtop electric motors.

Electric Motor Types

At EBI, their first corporate branch of 1947 specialized in Electric Motor Repair and electric motor distribution and retail. Today our electric motor repair shop has grown with Dynamic Balancing services. In the field of electric motors, there are many different types of electric motors for many sorts of applications. Choosing the right electric motor for the right purpose is not always easy and EBI Electric's representatives will assist you in finding what you need in terms of electric motor. To start with, frame size, motor rpm and horsepower are three characteristics that will help size the right motor. Then, the type of application where the electric motor will be used, wether a commercial or industrial application, must be considered. Other characteristics and terminology needs to be discussed and EBI's representatives will help you demistify them :


Purchase the Electric Motor that You Need

One of the first features to consider is the electric motor load that will be required : will it be constant torque load, variable torque load or constant power loads?

The type of electric motor isolation must also be considered. Do you need a class A, B, F or a class H motor such as a High Temperature Motor for high temperature environments such as ovens or kilns. For example, since 1995, EBI manufactures and distributes the EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motor which is a high temperature electric motor for lumber dry kilns. These high temperature motors are certified class H. 

Servomotor, Gearbox and Other Electric Motor Auxiliary Equipment

Aside from distributing electric motors, EBI also specializes in the retail of equipment that control and manage the speed of electric motors such as variable frequency drives and electric motor gearboxes. In fact, EBI Electric was the first authorized Canadian Yaskawa distributor that offers a great line of VFDs and servomotors.

Just like a typical electric motor, servomotors, gearboxes, soft starters and variable frequency drives must be considered according to the application they serve in order to ensure lifespan and optimal efficiency. EBI Electric specializes in advising our customer about choosing the right electric motor or auxiliary equipment.