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April 6, 2021

The Single Phase ODP motor is designed for applications requiring high starting torque. Some standard features such as bi-directional rotation, starting capacitors and automatic overload protection provides for diverse applications. From Agriculture to HVAC and Compressors this feature-packed machine has you covered.


  •    -   1/4-3 HP
  •    -   Open Drip Proof Design
  •    -   60Hz, 115/230V or 230V or 208V 1.0 S.F.; Single Phase
  •    -   Horizontal F1 Mount
  •    -   3600 & 1800 RPM
  •    -   1.15 S.F.
  •    -   40°C Ambient
  •    -   Capacitor Start, Capacitor Run
  •    -   Class F Insulation
  •    -   Automatic Reset Overload
  •    -   Class B Temperature Rise
  •    -   Designed for 3300 ft. Elevation
  •    -   Bi-Directional Rotation
  •    -   Rolled Steel Frame
  •    -   Cast Aluminum Terminal Box
  •    -   1045 Carbon Steel Shaft
  •    -   Aluminum Die Cast Squirrel Cage Rotor Construction
  •    -   Paint System: Phenolic Rust Proof Base Plus Lacquer Top Coat
  •    -   Paint Color: Blue – Munsell 5 PB 3/8
  •    -   Double Shielded Bearings Pre-Packed with Lithium Base Grease
  •    -   No Terminals; Lead End Peel-Off Insulation
  •    -   Grounding Terminal Inside Main Box
  •    -   Stainless Steel Nameplate
  •    -   Motors are UL Recognized for United States and Canada


Editor's Pick: Featured Article

By Brian Fortney, Global Portfolio Lead, Rockwell Automation

Having a workforce that’s well trained on current technologies and equipment is critical for any manufacturer. When workers lack necessary skill sets, they are more likely to make expensive mistakes that result in costly downtime. Without proper training, employees are also less productive and have lower job satisfaction. They often feel as though they aren’t moving forward in their career and get discouraged. In addition, the correlation between well-trained workers and a safer manufacturing environment shouldn’t be overlooked.

Clearly, the importance of industrial training must be a key consideration for employers. Unfortunately, developing a workforce with necessary knowledge isn’t always easy. A variety of factors are creating a serious skills gap, and many companies are struggling to find ways to address the challenges.

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