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Sawmills and lumber mills take freshly cut logs and process them into construction grade wood of all shapes and sizes. The process of turning a log into a usable piece of lumber has more or less stayed the same; the largest change to the manufacturing process is that it has become largely automated. In order to accomplish the advances in industrial automation, leading edge processors are incorporating variable frequency drives.




Circular Connectors 400The metric system of units was introduced for the first time in 1793 during the French Revolution and is used even today in almost all countries worldwide. The metric round plug connectors are also based on this system of units and are a known standard in raw industrial applications.



The fusion of the physical world of production with the virtual world of information technology into Industry 4.0 is becoming increasingly important. The requirements placed on automation technology have been clearly defined: Decentralized intelligence and autonomous behavior, open communication standards, quick networkability and context integration in real-time.





Whether due to a bustling economy, reshoring, better technology or a skilled- labor shortage, manufacturers are automating more than ever before. According to ASSEMBLY magazine’s annual Capital Equipment Spending Survey, 89 percent of U.S. factories employed manual assembly processes in 2009, while only 17 percent used fixed automation.



If you ignore the short circuit current rating (SCCR) of an industrial panel it might just go away anyway. By go away I mean that the panel might just self-destruct. If the available current or energy that reaches the panel in the event of a short circuit in the panel exceeds the levels that the panel can safely interrupt or contain, that energy has to go somewhere. It is the unpredictability of what will happen first that makes an insufficient SCCR so dangerous. Maybe the circuit breaker will explode while trying to open or maybe not open at all because the internals have welded shut? What happens then? Maybe the energy will find a path to ground and a shock hazard is created.



YaskawaWhitepaper 400As variable frequency drives (VFDs) are becoming the primary go-to solution for motor control, their capability is not something that can be matched. With every new generation comes better performance, smaller size, and greater functionality.




Pneumatics electrics 400The requirements for modern production plants are becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore essential that the drive technology used is the best possible solution for the task at hand.





Festo whitepaper 400This white paper provides you with answers to the following questions: How does piezo technology work, what is the principle behind it? What advantages does piezo technology offer? In which industry sectors and for which applications are piezo valves the technology of the future? As well as an ntroduction to several versions of piezo valves.




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