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banner performance 400April 12, 2019

Banner’s Performance Series all-in-one wireless pressure sensor is a compact, one-piece device that measures pressure relative to the local ambient pressure and sends that information to a wireless gateway or DXM wireless controller. Users can easily monitor critical pressure levels on equipment in remote and hard-to-access locations without the hassle and expense of installing, altering, or expanding wired infrastructure to connect devices.


This compact device consists of a media isolated pressure sensor, a 900 MHz wireless node, and a battery power supply. The all-in-one design makes it less expensive than purchasing a separate sensor and node and eliminates the time, labor, and expense of installing separate sensors and nodes. It integrates easily in applications where infrastructure, movement, or mobility make wired solutions impractical, ineffective, or cost-prohibitive.



All-in-one wireless pressure sensors make it easy to monitor and collect data from a single point or multiple points on critical systems throughout a facility. Users can deploy and redeploy a single all-in-one sensor multiple times or deploy multiple all-in-one sensors in a network.


The all-in-one wireless pressure sensor makes it easy to monitor system performance and health from any network-enabled location. Staff have access to timely, accurate data that can be used to make better, more informed decisions about their systems and strategically plan maintenance and service schedules based on actual need, as well as staff and resource availability.

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3M Canada WebinarRegister for 3M Canada’s upcoming webinar: How TTS™ Heat Trace Cables can help you on site.

3M Canada will be hosting a heat trace cables webinar, where you’ll learn about heat trace, heat trace applications (i.e.: pipe freeze protection, roof and gutter, and surface snow and ice melting), and the benefits of self-regulating heat trace cables—TTS™ Heat Trace Cables.





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Flir Application SpotlightWithout power, factory operations cannot continue. That’s why regular scheduled maintenance is important to ensure your electrical distribution system is in working order. A combination of a thermal imager and a clamp meter can help you detect hot spots and diagnose electrical issues at the point of failure before an outage occurs, quickly and safely.  Download the Application Spotlight today.



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Rittal & EPLAN Pump out a Powerful Solution for Metro Vancouver

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