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January 27, 2020

The WEG CFW 11 inverters use Plug and Play technology to recognize and confi gure accessories providing easy and safe operation. Programming is simpler using the standard USB port. Soft PLC lets the user create functions without the need for an external PLC.

Standard Features

  • -   Plug and play philosophy (connect and use) enables quick and easy installation of accessories and options
  • -   USB for computer connection for using SUPERDRIVE G2 programming and monitoring software
  • -   Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with backlit graphic display and soft-keys, greatly facilitates inverter programming and operation
  • -   DC link inductors (symetrically connected to positive and negative DC link terminals) enable compliance with IEC61000-3-12 standard requirements regarding harmonics, (no need for external line reactance)
  • -   Intelligent thermal management enables full protection of IGBTs, monitoring of heatsink and internal air temperature
  • -   Automatic control of the heatsink fan with speed sensor (additional protection) and easily detachable from the unit for cleaning and maintenance
  • -   Normal Duty and Heavy Duty ratings to adapt optimally to all kinds of loads
  • -   Protection with failure and alarm warnings
  • -   Motor overload protection in compliance with IEC 60947-4-2/UL 508 C
  • -   On board memory allows user to create functions without the need to use an external PLC (soft-PLC via IEC61131-3 programming software)
  • -   Guided start-up simplifi es initial user programming.
  • -   Real time clock
  • -   TRACE / SCOPE function to assist with the start-up and system diagnostics via SUPERDRIVE G2

Optional Features

  • -   Interface for incremental encoder 5 to 12Vdc
  • -   Interface for RS-485 serial communication (modbus)
  • -   Interface for RS-232C serial communication
  • -   CAN interface
  • -   Profibus DP interface
  • -   PLC functions; IEC programming
  • -   Devicenet 4 interface
  • -   Ethernet IP interface
  • -   Blind cover for slot HMI
  • -   Frame for remote HMI
  • -   Conduit kit
  • -   Optimal Braking
  • -   IP20

Factory Options

  • -   Safety Stop
  • -   RFI Filter
  • -   24 VDC power input option for control section



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