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August 6, 2019

The Bonitron M3713 DC Bus Supply is a six pulse diode bridge that can serve as the main power supply for your common bus DC systems.

Common bus drive configurations are used with multiple drives in a single system to provide design flexibility, redundancy, higher efficiency, and cost savings. Variable frequency drives and servo drives can use a common DC bus to share power in mixed mode operation, where some drives may be motoring and others regenerating. The common bus allows for lower system part count and wiring with common reactors, input filters, braking choppers and regeneration units.

Multiple M3713 units can be used in parallel to allow higher output for high power applications for redundancy and process reliability. The M3713SC can also be used as a building block for 12 and 18 pulse systems using standard VFD’s. These systems mitigate harmonics and other power quality issues. The M3713SC, along with a phase shifting transformer allows standard drives to meet IEEE 519 compliance.

The M3713HF allows one or more VFDs to operate from a 400 Hz AC feed. The M3713HF can also be used as a building block for 12 and 18 pulse systems for VFDs.


  • SCR Bridge Precharge
  • Diagnostic Indicators
  • Parallel operation with multiple units
  • 12 or 18 pulse cascade or parallel modes with M3713SC


  • Soft start with low losses
  • Easy to troubleshoot “blink” fault codes
  • Redundant supplies for reliability
  • Allows standard drives in 12 and 18 pulse configurations with M3713SC


  • Low total solution cost
  • High reliability
  • System flexibility


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