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September 20, 2022

By Krystie Johnston

MP75 Panduit 1 400x275

Panduit has a full line of labeling products, software, and printers to assist you with your labeling requirements. They also offer signs and permanent identification solutions to deliver improved productivity and workplace safety. Their products range from automated labeling to labels, markers and printers, letters and numbers, safety and identification tape, signs and accessories, sign and label printing software, and tags.

In the label printers and accessories category, there are many individual products, including mobile and desktop label printers, thermal transfer ribbon, and plenty of accessories. The Panduit MP75 Mobile Label Printer and the Panduit MP200 Mobile Label Printer are both part of the PXE™ Mobile Printers Solution that the Panduit Epson Strategic Partnership built, and they span the pendulum of mobile label printer products from basic to advanced.

The Panduit MP75 Mobile Label Printer

The MP75 mobile label printer is an affordable, compact entry level industrial printer. It features custom label modes, a qwerty keyboard, backlit LCD screen, and a large library of barcodes and custom symbols. With the MP75 you can print a variety of continuous tapes up to 0.75 inches wide for network, electrical, and other industrial applications. It comes with the lightweight printer, a continuous label cassette and quick reference card. For use globally.

The Panduit MP200 Mobile Label Printer

MP200 Panduit 1 400x275

The MP200 printer is a rugged, high performance, economical industrial printer. It features fast print speeds up to 1.2 inches per second, a powered cutter allowing both full and half cuts, a large LCD backlit screen, custom label modes, barcodes, and symbols. With the MP200 you can print continuous tapes up to 1.0 inch wide for network, electrical and other industrial applications. It comes with the printer, continuous label cassette and quick reference card. For use globally.

Panel Builder & Systems Integrator, a sibling publication, recently had the opportunity to chat with Melanie Adams, Regional Marketing Manager, Industrial Electrical Infrastructure at Panduit, to discuss these two different printers.

What was the goal behind providing a small mobile, entry level printer like the MP75? Was this developed from a recognized market demand or growth into new markets?

Panduit observed the need for a lower cost, entry level mobile printer with basic functionality.

What are the limitations of the MP75?

The MP75 includes the basic functions needed by industrial label users but does not include some of the more advanced options, such as connecting to a computer for printing from labeling software or an automatic cutter. The MP75 uses Panduit continuous MP label cassettes up to 0.75 inches wide.

At what point does ones needs require utilizing a more robust offering such as the MP200?

Users should consider the MP200 for printing applications that require wider labels, and more advanced printer features. The MP200 prints continuous label cassettes up to 1.0 inch wide and includes a fully automatic cutter that allows full or half cutting. The MP200 would be the printer of choice for industrial solutions and customers like contractors.

The printers are advertised as usable in various locations such as the jobsite. How durable are the printers for use in more rugged locations?

The MP75 and MP200 were both developed for industrial applications. The printers are designed for users across different industries who look for ruggedness and quality wherever they need to print. In general, both printers are durable enough for the rugged environments, but the MP200 is more rugged and has a more robust housing.

Has there been any feedback from users since the launch?

The feedback has been extremely positive. These printers have been quickly picked up by customers and we are very excited to continue to deliver identification solutions like our PXE™ Mobile Printers that help customers answer their labeling needs.


To learn more about Panduit's lineup of PXE™ Mobile Lable Printers, click here 

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DCS SEW MOVIC 1 400x275


When it comes to power transmission and motion control, SEW-EURODRIVE needs no formal introduction. Counted among the industry leaders in drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE makes drive-based automation its business. SEW-EURODRIVE, founded in 1931, is a global company that specializes in gear motors, frequency inverters, drive systems, industrial gears, and control software. SEW-EURODRIVE products are distinguished by their modular components and customer-centric philosophy. Their modular components can be built in a multitude of configurations, durable gear housings, offer flexible mounting capabilities, and provide advanced electronics that ensure equipment continuously operates efficiently.

Drives & Control Solutions' sibling, Mechatronics Canada, had the opportunity to speak with Shane Carnegie, Electronics Product Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE Canada, to learn more about MOVI-C, a modular automation system that offers a full solution for automation tasks. MOVI-C has been continuously expanding its reach into the mechatronics space, offering an encompassing solution for machine builders and integrators. Below Shane walks us through some of MOVI-C’s unique features and real-world applications.

Can you explain what MOVI-C does?

MOVI-C is an all-in-one modular automation system. Building on the familiar SEW modular gear motors and previous generation inverters, we now have modular inverters, controllers and associated software which ties everything together. For example, you can have a gear box with an AC induction motor, a permanent magnet motor, or a servo motor based on your application requirements. Attached to that we can provide a motor controller which can be mounted in a panel or directly on or near the gear motor. The positioning or velocity control software can be pre-loaded into the motor controller at the factory and all that is required is to send the same standard process data words from your main PLC to the drive system to perform your desired motion. The software interface looks identical no matter what controller or underlying gear motor system is attached.

What are some of the major features that MOVI-C has to offer?


Read more here 


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Convenient Power Infeed and Distribution 

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The 3RV29 infeed system is based on a basic module complete with a lateral incoming supply unit (three-phase busbar with infeed). Expansion modules (three-phase busbars for system expansion) are available for extending the system.



To learn more, click here





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