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August 11, 2022


DCS And the Winner Is MyPNOZ from PILZ 1 400x275

German Innovation Award

The German Innovation Award honours products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions, across all industrial sectors. After all: innovations that shape the future and improve life can be found in all sectors. Sometimes you see it at first glance – but quite often you don’t. That’s what the German Innovation Award wants to change. It makes magnificent achievements visible to a wide audience.

The jury is composed of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions, and finance. The new modular safety relay myPNOZ convinced the jury with its special level of innovation and was declared the 2021 winner in the "Electronic Technologies" category!


Red Dot Award

With around 20,000 submissions, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the world's largest design competitions. An independent panel of experts, the Red Dot Jury, decides on the awards. This year it is composed of 48 people from 23 nations.

The international jury only awards this quality mark to products that exhibit outstanding design. Above all the jury was convinced by the practical flexibility of the myPNOZ, the alleged first modular safety relay to offer the market tailor-made safety in batch size 1.

“The winning products display profound creativity. It's both remarkable and commendable that there are still designs that surprise you in terms of form and functionality," says Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder, and CEO of Red Dot.


MyPNOZ - watch this video for a quick overview: 


Three steps to your modular safety relay


DCS And the Winner Is MyPNOZ from PILZ 2 225x225

  1. 1. You create - Individual

With the user-friendly myPNOZ Creator, you simply create your individual myPNOZ. You choose the required safety functions, and myPNOZ Creator puts the ideal hardware together. You can check your configuration with the simulation function. If everything fits, your myPNOZ is ordered with just a few quick clicks.



DCS And the Winner Is MyPNOZ from PILZ 3 225x225

  1. 2. We build - Tailor-made

Each myPNOZ is tailor-made and pre-assembled by us in batch size 1 according to your individual configuration. We also set the parameters to suit your specifications, e.g., regarding the start type or time delay. Your modular relay will be sent to you following a system test.




DCS And the Winner Is MyPNOZ from PILZ 4 225x225

  1. 3. You install - Easy

myPNOZ is quick and easy to install. You’ll receive your ready-to-use myPNOZ ‘ready to plug and play. No software is required for commissioning. And the time and effort required for wiring has also been significantly reduced.



The product features

Watch this video for an overview of the product features:

Tailor-made safety and clever product features are convincing features of the modular safety relay. It consists of a head module and a maximum of eight expansion modules and ensures safe monitoring of 2 to 16 input functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, safety light curtains, two-hand IIIA/C controls and enabling switches.

Benefits at a glance

  • •Higher-level safety function and power supply via head module
  • •Four input modules, four output modules and four input / output modules available
  • •Monitoring of machine parts in independent safety zones
  • •Modules connected via BUS connector
  • •Two safety inputs per input module, AND-/OR-linked as an option
  • •Output modules with relay or semiconductor outputs with / without time delay
  • •Module expansion and replacement when installed
  • •Diagnostics via LED display


Five reasons for using myPNOZ

  1. 1. You cut costs: pay for what you need

-From the multitude of available modules, you choose - or myPNOZ Creator selects - only those modules with the functions you actually need. If your requirements change, myPNOZ can be modified and expanded at any time – giving you maximum flexibility.

  1. 2. You save time: quick and easy commissioning

-You will receive your myPNOZ from us pre-assembled, set-up and tested. Ready for ‘plug and play’ commissioning, no additional software, and no complicated wiring.

  1. 3. You increase your plant’s availability: switch off where it matters

-myPNOZ allows you to monitor plant sections independently of one another in separate safety zones. OR-links between input functions can also be implemented as an option.

  1. 4. You prevent faults: zero programming knowledge required

-You define the required safety functions in myPNOZ Creator. myPNOZ Creator automatically selects the ideal hardware and the corresponding sequence of the modules.

  1. 5. You save space: fewer modules and a narrow design width

-Each input module monitors two safe input functions, which means you need fewer modules. What’s more, the narrow widths of 12.5 mm or 17.5 mm on myPNOZ are a convincing feature.


That's why you should invest now in myPNOZ!

The modular safety relays myPNOZ enable tailor-made safety solutions: easy, flexible, cost-efficient. The key benefits of the product and the innovative online tool myPNOZ Creator are summarized for you here.

Download flyer by clicking here


How to use the modular safety relay myPNOZ

Whether you want to protect a small application with just two safe input functions or larger applications with up to 16 input functions. The modular relay myPNOZ covers a wide range of applications and can be used on almost any automated plant.

Its easy handling and modular design mean the modular relay is flexible to adapt and always expand. Find out more about myPNOZ’s features and possible uses in our application video.


Create your myPNOZ now!

Create the modular safety relay myPNOZ to meet your requirements now, in the myPNOZ Creator by clicking here 

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Editor's Pick: Featured Article


DCS SEW MOVIC 1 400x275


When it comes to power transmission and motion control, SEW-EURODRIVE needs no formal introduction. Counted among the industry leaders in drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE makes drive-based automation its business. SEW-EURODRIVE, founded in 1931, is a global company that specializes in gear motors, frequency inverters, drive systems, industrial gears, and control software. SEW-EURODRIVE products are distinguished by their modular components and customer-centric philosophy. Their modular components can be built in a multitude of configurations, durable gear housings, offer flexible mounting capabilities, and provide advanced electronics that ensure equipment continuously operates efficiently.

Drives & Control Solutions' sibling, Mechatronics Canada, had the opportunity to speak with Shane Carnegie, Electronics Product Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE Canada, to learn more about MOVI-C, a modular automation system that offers a full solution for automation tasks. MOVI-C has been continuously expanding its reach into the mechatronics space, offering an encompassing solution for machine builders and integrators. Below Shane walks us through some of MOVI-C’s unique features and real-world applications.

Can you explain what MOVI-C does?

MOVI-C is an all-in-one modular automation system. Building on the familiar SEW modular gear motors and previous generation inverters, we now have modular inverters, controllers and associated software which ties everything together. For example, you can have a gear box with an AC induction motor, a permanent magnet motor, or a servo motor based on your application requirements. Attached to that we can provide a motor controller which can be mounted in a panel or directly on or near the gear motor. The positioning or velocity control software can be pre-loaded into the motor controller at the factory and all that is required is to send the same standard process data words from your main PLC to the drive system to perform your desired motion. The software interface looks identical no matter what controller or underlying gear motor system is attached.

What are some of the major features that MOVI-C has to offer?


Read more here 


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Convenient Power Infeed and Distribution 

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The 3RV29 infeed system is based on a basic module complete with a lateral incoming supply unit (three-phase busbar with infeed). Expansion modules (three-phase busbars for system expansion) are available for extending the system.



To learn more, click here





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