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January 10, 2022

DCS SEW Eurodrive Premium Sine Seal Oil Seal 1 400


Oil seals are used to seal rotating shafts and to both protect the gear unit against dirt from outside and to protect the production environment from leaking lubricant. The oil seals must be able to withstand variable speeds, the pressure inside the gear unit, various temperature requirements and a range of other conditions.

Sealing solutions for gearmotors

Oil seals in today's production systems are subject to increasingly challenging conditions and requirements. Our gear units, and therefore the sealing systems, are used in machines that run at variable speeds or at continuous duty and therefore cause the temperatures in the drive system to fluctuate. The pressure inside the gear unit also varies according to the capacity utilization.

SEW-EURODRIVE employs a special sealing systems to protect your system against leaking lubricant, to protect our gear units against outside dirt, and to protect the motor against oil expelled from the gear unit.

In addition to conventional oil seals, SEW-EURODRIVE now offers a completely NEW, optional sealing ring that was developed specially for us: the Premium Sine Seal. This oil seal was developed for the input motor shaft in gearmotors in collaboration with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

The advantage of the new Premium Sine Seal is that its sinusoidal sealing lip exhibits substantially increased durability, and during servicing the new oil seal can be placed in the same location on the shaft because the Premium Sine Seal does not cause any run-in on the shaft. The special shape of the sealing lip means that the contact area on the rotating shaft is larger, which improves both heat dissipation and the transfer of lubricant at the sealing surface.

Benefits at a glance

  • Wear reduced: on the sealing lip by about 50%
  • Expected service life longer: by a factor of 2 (compared to othe
    systems on the market), which means longer maintenance intervals
  • No run-in: or wear on the shaft - replacement oil seals can be installed at the same location
  • Improved reliability: against leakage with increased system availability

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Premium SIne Seal properties

  • Protects the motor against oil (input side)
  • Protects the gear unit interior (no leaks)
  • Generates less heat at the sealing lip
  • Expected service life of about 20 000 h
  • No grease required

Areas of application

  • Packaging machines
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Wood processing
  • Baggage handling systems in airports
  • Automotive production
  • Transport and logistics
  • And many more

Available for

The new Premium Sine Seal is available as an option for our CMP.. asynchronous servomotors.

It can be combined with:

  • Helical gear units of the R series
  • Parallel-shaft helical gear units of the F series
  • Helical-bevel gear units of the K series
  • Helical-worm gear units of the S series
  • Planetary servo gear units of the PS.F series
  • Helical-bevel servo gear units of the BS.F series

DCS SEW Eurodrive Premium Sine Seal Oil Seal 2 400 

The Premium Sine Seal oil seal can also be ordered as an option for our MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system.

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DCS Siemens SIRIUS Controls Ensures Cold Beer 1 400

Breweries are known for transforming malt, hops, and yeast into beer in gleaming brewing kettles and large fermentation tanks linked by numerous pipes.

Over the centuries, the equipment for mashing, lautering, boiling, and fermenting beer according to carefully guarded recipes has been steadily perfected.


The chiller is the heart of the brewery

One of the most important parts of the brewery, and perhaps the least visible, is the chiller. The fermentation temperature of the beer is crucial, which means that the heat generated by the yeast fermentation must be carefully controlled by the chiller.

If the beer ferments at too high a temperature, the yeast can produce a variety of undesirable aromas that ruin the beer.

According to Justin Thomas, President of G&D Chillers, based in Oregon

"The chiller is the heart of the brewery. Owners invest not only a lot of money in the brewery and brewing equipment, but also a great deal of time in the production of beer. But if the chiller fails, all that goes out the window."

Partnerships to keep pace with growth

Thomas says that growth at G&D Chillers has been exponential over the past 15 years. To continue this rate of success, the company had to look for new ways to meet customer demands for reliable, state-of-the-art chiller options.

For example, G&D Chillers recently teamed up with Siemens and the global distribution and supply chain solutions company WESCO to meet these needs and stay ahead of the competition. "We're still a small manufacturing company, but big enough to produce some technically advanced equipment," says Thomas. "We've always been service-oriented and always stood by our equipment, no matter what the problem. We get the same kind of support and service from Siemens that we give to our own customers."


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Convenient Power Infeed and Distribution 

Siemens DCS Aug3 Kerwill CP Ad 2 300x250 copy



The 3RV29 infeed system is based on a basic module complete with a lateral incoming supply unit (three-phase busbar with infeed). Expansion modules (three-phase busbars for system expansion) are available for extending the system.



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