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September 3, 2019

Up to now, extra-low voltage drives have been particularly in demand for applications in the automotive and consumer goods industries. However, compared to conventional industrial servo drives, this field has different product requirements in terms of robustness, durability, serviceability and scalability.

This is why, during the conception of the CMP ELVCD, the focus was not on yet another extra-low voltage drive, but rather on creating a complete industry-standard, decentralized servo drive with all the characteristics of an SEW-EURODRIVE servo gearmotor.

For this reason the CMP ELVCD is fully integrated into our automation system with MOVI‑PLC. It can be used for all automation tasks with dynamic and precise motion sequences up to 500 W.

Multi and single-level shuttle systems in container logistics

The CMP ELVCD is used as drive for telescopes and conveyor belts for the automation of entire load handling devices. The drives are controlled via a moving control cabinet or via a completely decentralized unit. This allows for the implementation of compact, flexible logistics applications.

AGVS and logistics vehicles

Depending on the performance data of the vehicles, the drives can be used as travel drives and lifting drives as well as load handling devices. This technology can be combined with MOVIPRO decentralized drive, positioning and application controllers and MOVITRANS contactless energy transfer systems to create an attractive overall solution.

Gripper and handling units

Combined with our conventional servo drives such as the MOVIAXIS multi-axis servo inverter, the CMP ELVCD is perfectly suited to reduce weight and optimize the cabling, especially for mobile gripper and handling units. It can be controlled directly via a MOVI‑PLC motion and logic controller.

Installation topology with the CMP ELVCD decentralized extra-low voltage servo drive

  • CMP ELVCD is supplied with DC 24 V (control) and DC 48 V (power).
  • A controller from SEW­EURODRIVE, which functions as central head station via SBus, is used to control the drive.
  • The controller is responsible for the coordination and the higher-level motion control for all connected drives.
  • Depending on the power demands and the synchronicity of the drives, several drives can be connected and supplied via one phase winding.
  • The controllers used offer conventional interfaces for higher-level automation levels. The automation system can also be operated independently as a module.
Technical data of the CMP ELVCD
    CMP 50S CMP 50M
Connection voltages DC link voltage DC 48 V nom. (max. DC 60 V)
Electronics supply DC 24 V ± 20%
Input current IRated 15 A
IMax 35 A for 2 s
Operating temperature ϑU -25 °C to +50 °C (no condensation)
Storage temperature ϑL -25°C to +70°C (EN 60721-3-3)
Motor power at ϑU = 20 °C 330 W 500 W
at ϑU = 40 °C 230 W 330 W
Nominal motor speed   3000 rpm
Nominal motor torque at ϑU = 20 °C 1.05 Nm 1.6 Nm
at ϑU = 40 °C 0.75 Nm 1.05 Nm
Degree of protection   IP 65 according to EN 60529
Dimensions (L x W x H) MIN 150.5 x 85 x 150 189.5 x 85 x 150
MAX 217 x 85 x 150 256 x 85 x 150
Weight Without brake 2.9 kg 3.55 kg
With brake 3.25 kg

3.9 kg


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