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August 19, 2019

The GT25 Series is a high performance and cost-effective graphical operator terminal which includes displays from 8.4" to 12.1" with resolutions of SVGA and VGA depended on model selection. This high performance model has expansion capabilities for network communications, and also supports a wireless option unit. It is a great fit for advanced applications where cost is a determining factor.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Configuration – With communication and wireless options, there are many capabilities available to match the needs of the application
  • Maintenance Platform – The convenient on-demand portal allows access to detailed system information and PDF/video work instructions, ladder and CNC monitoring, programs backup and restore function
  • Remote Connectivity – GOT Mobile enables remote access on GT25 terminals, allowing users to view data in real time or operate the system using a mobile device
  • MES Connectivity – Utilize the GT25 multi-communication abilities to create a powerful MES gateway system
  • 2 USB Ports (Device and Host) – Transfer projects, download data logs, and connect devices such as USB mouse, keyboard, barcode reader or RFID reader
  • Expanded Memory – 32MB ROM for storage; 80MB RAM for operation


GOT Mobile provides webserver functionality useful for production monitoring and operation. GOT Mobile is available on both the GT25 and GT27 Series terminals and is designed to monitor controllers using browsers on information devices such as tablets, phones and personal computers.


The GT25/GT27 Series terminals have opened the door to enterprise systems. Communicate directly with database servers, such as SQL Server® and Microsoft® Access®, utilizing the GOT MES gateway. Collect data from field devices, such as PLCs and temperature controllers, and push it to the client.


Check the status of a PLC without having to open the electrical enclosure to connect a PC. A graphical configuration diagram on the terminal indicates module statuses. Touch a module on the diagram to see the extended function list and carry out maintenance work effectively.


GT25 terminals have advanced drive control connectivity functions for MR-J4 and MR-JE series servo amplifiers. This functionality helps to minimize start-up time, adjustment and maintenance work on servo amplifiers by eliminating the need for a PC.


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DanfossWith more than one million square feet of exhibit and meeting space, the LEED Platinum-certified Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, is the ninth-largest convention centre in North America. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the convection centre experiences the extreme weather that the Great Lakes region is known for – with temperatures ranging from -31°C (-24°F) to 40°C (105°F).

That puts a big burden on Exhibition Place’s HVAC equipment to keep the pace comfortable for more than 5.5 million visitors attending meetings, conventions, and exhibitions throughout the year. 

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50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source Single Phase Power Solutions introduces the 50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source featuring a patented BELLE Motor with Written-Pole technology to deliver three-phase power from single-phase utility service. The 50 HP 1-to-3 can be used to operate a 25 HP motor three-phase motor, and multiple other motors up the remaining 25 HP of capacity. Ideal for areas without three-phase service, this revolutionary approach eliminates the high fuel and maintenance costs, and the pollution of fossil-fuel-powered Gen-Sets, while delivering superior power quality to that of a conventional phase converter.  It is far more cost effective than extending 3-phase power where it is not currently available. 

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