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The three-member team of GSA Elektrotechnik approaches their projects with much enthusiasm and joy. This includes finding and using new products such as the new RiLine Compact that was used for the first time for a heat recovery system.

The team of GSA Elektrotechnik und Engineering GmbH believes that work must be fun! That's why Michael Sostek, Mansour Ghassemi and Raimund Brixa met in 2006 to fulfill their long-cherished dream of being happily and gainfully self-employed.

"We wanted to set up our own company back in 2002 - but first of all, we took the opportunity to build and lead the automation business in a partner company, an ideal way for us to make a decision," says Michael Sostek, Managing Partner of GSA. "Of course, we have to make money, but that is not our first priority, because it is important to like what we do. And the concept of offering everything from consulting, planning and programming to switch cabinet construction as a whole or only 1.jpgin individual parts, has proven itself for more than ten years,” explains Michael Sostek.

The spectrum of projects is very diverse, and ranges from serving the needs of many sectors: sewage purification, natural gas compression plants, the food industry, machines and presses in manufacturing technology, the automobile industry, the development of test software as well as heating / ventilation / air conditioning systems in building automation.

RiLine Compact for small switchgear

For Michael Sostek, hardware planning is especially cool and enjoyable. "Picking the best of all the possibilities for a project from a system kit is a bit like playing with lego blocks for adults!"

Rittal’s power distribution systems are very accommodating for this ‘playful instinct’, because the modular busbar systems (holder systems and rails in combination with connection technology, device adapters and fuse components form compact units) can be easily configured and installed quickly. "Thanks to a customer’s request for a heat recovery system, we came across the RiLine Compact," says Michael Sostek. This new busbar system was specially designed for manufacturers of small control and switchgear systems with a maximum current of up to 125 A. It was the ideal solution for the GSA project. "Our customer needed at least 80 amps. The consideration was to first provide 63 A twice. But of course they would have had to do everything twice. The logical solution: to use 125 A once,” explains Sostek.

Fast Construction

2.jpgRiLine Compact is a tried and tested system for power distribution, with which various types of protection and switching devices are built on a contact-protected system and supplied with electrical energy. Thanks to the standardized and compliant system technology, the compact busbar system can be used in control systems that meet both IEC and the UL requirements and standards.

The GSA team was particularly impressed with the ease of installation. Because the RiLine Compact consists of a base plate, in which busbars are completely protected against contact, they can be easily contacted by a grid in the upper section. Various adapters are available for the construction of switching and protection devices, which allow easy connection. In addition, a connection adapter for connecting the conductors and various function modules for motor control and power control are available.

In a quick setup, the RiLine Compact System displays its strengths. Both the base plates themselves and the components of the system can be mounted safely without tools. Due to the protection against contact points from the beginning, the user is protected against live parts. This increases safety for both the system and the user, saving time and money. "We have equipped all four cabinets for the customer with the RiLine Compact. It is so easy and, above all, safe to use components such as the Adapter to exchange" says Sostek. For him, the system is the perfect solution for any project requirement between 63 and 250 amps.

The key difference

It does not always seem easy for the GSA to compete with larger plant builders. But Michael Sostek is convinced that "you can differentiate yourself through ideas and flexibility". The company also wants to stand out in terms of design: "Our solutions not only work, they also look good in the end. The aesthetic factor is very important in our work - a key differentiator to many competitors."

In general, the GSA is characterized by a special approach to customers, employees, suppliers as well as the competition. "We mostly see our competitors as partners. When implementing complex projects, we often have to deal with other companies operating in the same field as us. This has resulted in many partnerships where everyone does what they do best for the success of the overall project!"

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New woodlands are being created in the UK with the help of Mid Wales-based Invertek Drives through the Forest Carbon project to offset its carbon footprint. The company, which manufactures variable frequency drives (VFD) at its global headquarters at Welshpool, Powys, has worked with a local printing company to purchase ‘carbon balancing’ paper for all of its in-house printers, including the printing of its products’ handbooks.

Forest Carbon plants woodlands for companies wanting to mitigate the impact of their greenhouse emissions, as well as making a contribution to wider environmental benefits. It is the only UK-based carbon standard and is supported by the government.

The woodlands are planted at locations where they would not otherwise be commercially viable. The paper purchased by Invertek Drives is currently helping plant trees on land near Carlisle, Cumbria.

The new woodlands will not only help capture CO2, but also provide benefits for local biodiversity, landscape, flood management, water quality and recreation.

Referring to companies like Invertek Drives, Carbon Forest states: “These are companies who already avoid and reduce their emissions as far as they can and want to finish the job by capturing the remaining balance.”

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Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) was recently pleased to announce that Electrocomponents plc, a global omni-channel solutions partner for electronics, industrial and automation customers and suppliers has joined the association as a global member, along with its subsidiaries Allied Electronics & Automation (Allied), a distributor of automation and control, electronic, electrical, mechanical, and maintenance products in North America and RS Components (RS), a global distribution partner for industrial customers and suppliers involved in designing, building or maintaining industrial equipment and facilities.

Electrocomponents will be represented on the ECIA by Chris Beeson, Senior Vice President of Electronics at RS. Peter Malpas, EMEA Regional President for RS; Sean Fredricks APAC Regional President for RS; and Ken Bradley President of Allied in the Americas will represent their respective regions.

“We recognize the importance of partnering with other industry leaders in electronics manufacturing and distribution to stay on the cutting edge of technology for the wide-ranging benefit of our customers,” said Beeson. “Membership in ECIA allows Electrocomponents, Allied and RS to have a seat at the table with other global distribution and manufacturing leaders to solve problems and advance our industry.”

“We are excited to work alongside our distributor peers and suppliers as ECIA tackles critical industry issues and global technical standards,” said Bradley. “This is an excellent opportunity to focus our collective power on customer-facing challenges we can solve together.”

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New Product


The second generation of safety light curtains, PSENopt II, provide safe access to the production process and provide finger, hand and body protection, depending on the requirement. The first Type 3 safety light curtains are specifically designed for applications up to PL d of EN/IEC 61496-1. Type 4 light curtains are also available for applications up to PL e of EN/IEC 61496-1/-2.

As the units are so robust, PSENopt II sensors provide protection against shock, collision and vibration and so are suitable for use in rugged industrial environments. The operator can evaluate the essential causes and system defects responsible for the machine stop by means of the LEDs. Downtimes are reduced as a result.

The safety light curtains are available in lengths from 150 mm to 1800 mm. In combination with the configurable control system PNOZmulti 2 you have a safe, complete, one-stop solution. Compatible accessories range from installation assistance through to mirror columns.

New: Accessory for the light curtain PSENopt II to prevent restart

With our new accessory PSENopt II lockout for the PSENopt II range of light curtains you can prevent the machine restarting. This is necessary, for example, when carrying out maintenance work within the danger zone. PSENopt II lockout consists of an assembly unit that is attached to the side of the light curtain like a swivel arm. If the danger zone is accessed, the swivel arm can be folded out in front of the light curtain’s field of vision and fitted with a lock. As a result the light curtain no longer has a free field of vision, so start up is prevented.

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