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December 16, 2019

EPLAN eBUILD is the name for this newcomer, which opens up completely new possibilities in engineering as part of the EPLAN ePULSE cloud-based services. The software is causing users to sit up and take notice. After all, the working method is completely new and – appropriate to use in the cloud environment – is thoroughly designed for ease of use. Users who work with the EPLAN Platform can look forward to easily getting started, as it requires no training or comprehensive introduction. Simply register with EPLAN ePULSE, then open a project, select the tasks and, at the click of a mouse, the software configures schematics based on EPLAN Electric P8 or fluid power schematics based on EPLAN Fluid.

Macro technology for speedy success

Vice President Cloud Business Hauke Niehus succinctly explains the service’s maxim, which is getting started quickly and easily: “With EPLAN eBUILD, our customers get a simple yet powerful tool that enables initial project planning in the cloud environment. It allows our customers to automatically generate schematics for standard circuits using stored macro libraries, saving considerable time and drawing work when planning automation systems.”

Logic included

What’s special about EPLAN eBUILD is that it supplies stored macros for entire electrical and fluid power schematics instead of providing data for individual devices or components. Because it includes the corresponding logic and variance, it speeds up the design process enormously and is just more exciting to use in terms of smart operability. Moving forward, users will be able to focus on their core tasks and the onerous “copy-and-paste” methodology becomes a thing of the past. Another benefit that EPLAN is passing on to its customers in full is that documentation quality increases because of the use of previously tested schematic templates. The libraries will be successively expanded – the first starter package in English and German will be available in time for the SPS 2019. EPLAN is currently in discussions with numerous component manufacturers to expand the range of the libraries. The goal is to achieve the widest possible availability of configurators in order to maximise the positive user experience on ePULSE. Because data is being provided to users via the cloud, keeping the data up to date is made much easier.


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