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November 29, 2019

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced recently that it launched its new MOVE elevator model featuring fast delivery, space savings and low environmental impact suited to use in medium- and low-rise office buildings and apartments in Europe. Development and manufacturing are being handled by subsidiary Mitsubishi Elevator Europe B.V., which will market the model in the Netherlands, UK, France and other European countries, targeting annual sales of 1,500 units in the fiscal year ending in March 2026.

Main Features of MOVE

1)Short delivery times thanks to local production and simplified product structure

    - Short production and transportation times due to local production utilizing European parts suppliers

    - Simplified product structure realizes faster installations by reducing on-site measurement time

2)Eco-conscious product suited to European market demands

    - Product design based on Cradle to Cradle* concept of reducing impact throughout product lifecycle, from the selection of raw materials to end-of-service recycling

    - Optimized for energy efficiency equivalent to top-level Class A** rating of VDI 4707*** standard

*Manufacturing that supports global environment and biodiversity by eliminating the concept of waste to keep materials in a perpetual cycle of use and reuse, from one product to the next

**Based on in-house research (typical specifications:Capacity 1,050kg, 6 stops, 1.0m/s). Actual classes are determined using installed equipment and may vary depending on elevator/building specifications

***Elevator energy efficiency standard published by the Association of German Engineers. Classifications ranging from A (highest) to G indicate energy performance


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