November 2, 2018

Allied Electronics & Automation is expanding its warehouse to 520,000 square feet from its current 300,000-square-foot distribution center. The new addition will be built alongside the current warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas. When the addition opens in mid-2020, Allied will have the capacity to house more than 500,000 stocked products, up from 170,000 today.

"As the leading automation and control distributor in our industry, Allied is preparing for the future by developing our warehouse today," said VP of Business Operations Scott Jayes. "We pushed our automation partner KNAPP to give us a state-of-the-art facility. Our expanded warehouse will include advanced technology that will cement our position as a true benchmark in the distribution industry."

The new warehouse will make room for an additional 26 receiving stations and employ the latest automated order, storage, and retrieval shuttle system (OSR) for high-density storage. A GTP (Goods-to-Person) pick system, including robotics for repetitive tasks, and the addition of a matrix RFID pocket sortation and consolidation system, will enable pick-to-line process capabilities to enhance customer service. A new automated packing capability, designed to improve presentation while reducing packaging, material waste, and shipping costs, sits alongside an extended shipping sortation system.

"Our new facility has one ultimate aim: to provide world-class service, and to support our primary objective of becoming first choice for our customers," said Jayes. "The new warehouse addition is designed to make life easier and better for our warehouse associates, shipping partners, and customers, alike. What delivers a great customer experience are simplified processes and increased efficiencies. We have to start with our customer needs first."

Allied broke ground at an employee ceremony in early September and unveiled the new expansion plans to suppliers at the company's recent EXPO 2018, its bi-annual trade show and sales meeting in Fort Worth. The facility is expected to be completed by July 2020. To see a short video on the expansion details, visit the Allied YouTube channel.